I am NOT a doctor, but….

I am NOT a doctor, a psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, or any other kind of ist.  I have not gone to college or formal training of any kind to be qualified to diagnose anyone, but ….

I have raised for the last seven years a little man on the spectrum and I believe deeply in my heart from all that experience that the little apple my son is doesn’t fall very far from the Daddy tree!

Uggh!  Why is that so terrible?  Why does that denote an Uggh?  Cause I’m tired!  I already have to try and figure out what sensory issue is causing my Roo to fall off the deep end, and now, now that I have decided in my pretty little head that his Daddy is too, I now have to be understanding and compassionate and try to figure out what sensory issue is causing my husband go of the deep end!!!

My dear and wonderful obnoxious, obsessive husband likes things to be the way they are.  Why do something different when we have always done this.  He is a risk taker and if he’s not living on the edge of something he is majorly depressed about it.  We can’t throw anything, anything away. And, the man can’t stand still ever, he rocks constantly when he’s standing or paces back and forth and if sitting or lying in bed that big toe of his just twitches till no end.
He is not a fan of people and avoids them at all cost, we don’t have people over and if someone does happen to stop by then it’s why are they here again, they are here way to much.  Yeah, well it’s been a month buddy!  He is hyper sensitive to smells and can smell when people are sick.  Which is just weird, but he’s always right 😦  He doesn’t have any friends to speak of, conversations are usually one sided and well other people just don’t like that. 
He’s so smart!  Ridiculously smart!  Once you get his sense of humor he’s pretty funny as well.  He gets things faster than people and is extremely frustrated by those who don’t get it too!  He gets frustrated easily when doing things that require the use of fine motor skills.  Oh, there’s more but my head hurts and I can’t think of it anymore!
I am not whinning or complaining, ok maybe just a little!  I love my husband, Asperger’s or not, and all!  And i will do whatever I have to do to make our lives the best they can be, because that’s what you do when you love someone. 

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