What??? Can you say that again???

Since we returned from Christmas Break, school has been a challenge to say the very least for my Roo.  It has progressively gotten worse.  Outburst’s have been more frequent and more severe to say the very least.  He has been removed from school for the day at least three times and drawn and said some pretty scary things.  So I decided to take him to a counselor at the Autism Center here and get him some help. 

They got us in fairly quickly (same week)!  We arrived at the center at 7:45 in the morning and we were not seen till noon.  We filled the time with cartoons and books and McDonald’s.  Just me and him and he was excellent.  When they finally called our name, we went back into the office and met with an intake counselor for 3 hours.  So, just so you got the math down … 7 hours!!!!   My Roo was a perfect angel, UGH!!!  Please son, today is not the day I need you to pull it together.  Today is the day I need you to meltdown, I need you to be overwhelmed and not handle life!  I know that sounds ridiculous.  I am his mother, I should be so proud of him, and I am!  Except this intake counselor thinks I am over reacting, and he is obviously a normal kid! UGH!!!!  She made the statement that she would not have diagnosed him with Asperger’s and that according to the new DSM he didn’t qualify — He is too high functioning!!!   Seriously!!!  You met with my kid one time and you tell me he’s not qualified.  She wants him to see a counselor weekly.  They will come out to our house and the the school.  The school is for observation, our home because of his dx she feels he would be more comfortable in his own home.  Hold Up!!!  I though he didn’t qualify!!!!  However, as the intake counselor she CANNOT take his DX away!  Thank You, God!!!!  I leave her office confused, overwhelmed with what just happened, and downright pissed that my son was perfectly well adjusted and in control for once in his freaking life. 

We got a phone call the following week from Nathan.  He will be Roo’s counselor that will be coming to the house and the school.  Yay!! A Guy!!!!  I am so happy!  Well, we had an ice storm the first week he was supposed to come and we rescheduled for this week.  We are now having Snowmaggedon!!!  Hopefully, it clears up quickly and we won’t have to reschedule his appointment again.    In talking to Nathan on the phone, I relayed my concerns to him regarding the intake counselor’s statements.  He is awesome!!  He said, I am not basing anything off of one appointment.  Your son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  And yes over the last two years I am sure you have worked with him, and he has grown.  But he still has Asperger’s, It doesn’t just go away!  Thank you Lord!  I mean come on, you can’t base my son’s issues of of one visit!!