He doesn’t qualifiy!

It’s been awhile!  I haven’t had anything to say that hadn’t already been said or needed to get anything off my chest bad enough to write it down. But the stress of the last few months has finally taken it’s toll and it needs to go somewhere. Everyone seems to be writing about autism awareness or whatever way they want to word it.  And, while I do believe the world needs to be educated on the kiddos and adults who are living with it everyday, that is not entirely what I want to say. I feel like many many others have done a fantastic job of that, and I will bow out gracefully and leave them to it. 😉

We have been struggling to say the very least with a school system who is doing everything in their power to drive me crazy.  Their complete lack of compassion or empathy towards children with “disabilities”, as they like to put it, is sickening and disgusting.  With all that has been going on in National news, you’d think they could pull their heads out of the sand long enough to make a rational decision about how to deal with and educate the children in their district.  But sadly, their lack of empathy and understanding of these little one is ridiculously non existent and, quite frankly, just down right sad.

Our journey started in Dec of Roo’s kindergarten year.  I guess I shouldn’t say our journey started then, I guess I should say our realization and diagnosis of just how special Roo is started then.  He had a wonderful teacher who was quick to notice some of the quirkiness that is my Roo.  She didn’t name it but she did point us in the direction of getting it named.  And once diagnosed by a professional she smiled and nodded in agreement.  I went gung ho.  I read everything I could get my hands on, researched all the different things I needed to do to help him succeed.  I started searching for a way to cure him and then realized that a cure wasn’t what I needed.  I contacted all the right people and tried to get services put in place for my son and kept hitting brick wall after brick wall.  He’s to high functioning, he’s too smart, he’s too capable. He didn’t qualify. I was upset and didn’t understand, but he had a phenomenal teacher who got it and made modifications and he had a tremendously successful year. 

Then came first grade, honestly I wasn’t prepared for the hell that first grade would be come.  The teacher assured me that she was specially trained in autism and they were going to have a great year.  I had created a letter explaining Roo’s quirks, what helped, what made it worse, what he could and couldn’t eat.  She threw it away, although I didn’t know that till almost the end of the year.  She did everything in her power to get him out of her class, as did I to no avail.  Needless to say it was a huge relief to see that year come to an end.  Some people just are not meant to teach.  And even then with all the problems, he didn’t qualify for services.  By then end of the school year I was bound and determined to get Roo in the right class the next year.  I promised to stay camped out on the principals desk till I got my way and she took me seriously.

Second grade starts and we have Mrs. Miller.  YAY!!!!  In our neck of the woods, Mrs. Miller is the teacher to have.  She specializes in teaching kids at their pace and in the way they are comfortable with. She has been amazing!!  She has single handedly made sure that Roo can function in her room, his grade are over the top, and he genuinely loves her.  There is a sign on his bedroom door that says no girls, except Mrs. Miller. 🙂 But the tides turned when we returned from Christmas break.  His behavior became increasingly alarming and destructive.  And the school principal has been an all out rampage to get him on an IEP.  I have to admit, at this point I was not receptive.  I may have even thrown their own, he doesn’t qualify crap right back in her face.  They threatened to call the police on him if we didn’t get his help for his aggression.  We decided to take him to the Autism Center here and get some help.  They have assigned him a Case Manager and a Therapist.  We see the Case manager weekly in our living room and the Therapist monthly.  They think he is gifted, a genius.  I bring this to the school’s attention and they say of course he is we have always thought that.  Really!! Then why have you never expressed that to us till now.  Then they send a letter home stating if i take him out of school for therapy that he will be considered truant.  Seriously!!!!!  And, that he has to have an IEP to protect “him”, really them!  I get over myself and start doing the leg work to get him and IEP and I am met with — yep, you guessed it!! HE DOESN’T QUALIFY!!! He’s too smart! He’s too capable!  Seriously!!!!!  My anger is getting the best of me, my desire to punch someone is trying to override my need to hide my crazy!  Mrs. Miller is still the best teacher in the whole world and still goes over and above to accommodate my Roo.  The principal and the school system as a whole is ridiculously lacking!!!  But now the fear has set in, what will happen next year?  Mrs. Miller won’t be there to accommodate him, and we could just very well have a year like we did last year.  I am not overly impressed with any of the teachers available for third grade. And it’s a whole new building, with a new principal and new sights and sounds and smells. 
Of course this momma bear has not given up the fight, I will stand on my head to get my son the accommodations he needs to succeed.  The school has not heard the last of me yet!!!

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