No more video games

We had an unbelievably difficult night last night.  We went to church like we do every Wednesday.  We went to the sanctuary, already full of loud and buzzing kids to sing music that is too loud at times.  Sometimes he does ok, but sometimes it is way too much.  Last night was a night when it was was too much!  He snuck out and went and got my phone out of the car.  He came back in and while fully singing the songs he played free flow on my phone, it keeps him calm.  But that was not acceptable to the Children’s minister and all hell broke loose before I could get over to the other side of the room. He grappled my little man to the floor and took the phone. This resulted in a full blown meltdown right in the middle of the sanctuary, with punching and screaming and the whole bit!  I managed to calm him down and we went to class! 

But alas I should have known better, he wasn’t really calm and about 10 minutes into class all hell broke loose.  Because I teach in the next room over, a little girl knocked on my door and said you’d better come quick he’s not doing so good.  It’s really bad.  I ran to the next room and the teacher has his arms restrained in an attempt to stop him from hurting himself.  She’s crying and he’s pissed!  I take him out to the hall and try to calm him down, I took my hand off him for 1 second and he was gone.  He took off running down the hallway at mach speed.  I went after him, but the little man is fast as llightning.  He got down a flight of stairs and into the parking  lot before I could get to him.  Then he started bobbing and weaving thru the cars in the parking lot towards the busiest road in town at dusk.  I shouted for him to stop several times to no avail, and good lord I was not catching up to him.  Panic was starting to set in, if he makes it to the road he’s going to get hurt.  I yell “Roo, Freeze!” He stops. Thank God.  He turns and runs to a big tree in the middle of the church yard and curls up in a tight little ball.  “I hate Evan!!!”  “I hate church”  We sit and we rock until true calm has set in and I scoop him up and we go home. 

Dad is none too impressed with his little man when we get home and he has packed up all his video games and removed them from the house.  No more video games!!!  Roo is beside himself.  He NEEDS them!  Dad tries to talk to him, to tell him why he couldn’t have the phone at church, why he can never run out in the parking lot like that again, why Ms. Amanda was crying, why Mommy was so scared.  He was having none of it, all he could focus on was no more video games. And he cries himself to sleep! 


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