i should have taken pictures

I woke up to the gleeful screaming of two little girls at 530 this morning.

There’s a rule in my house, Saturday we sleep in.  That means no screaming till 8. 8am is sleeping in here. Needless to say 530 am had me quite perturbed.  As soon as I walked out my niece started in her persistent whining.  I told her “Enough! We do coffee, bathroom, space first thing in the morning” … especially when I’m up 2 hours early.

Roo came out … this is why he’s my favorite 🙂 he stayed in his room playing Lego’s till he heard my voice.  He reiterated my morning routine to my niece … “coffee, bathroom, space” My kids know.
Today’s Roo’s birthday, we had his party last week so nothing special today, he gets his morning snuggles and I sing him happy birthday. He’s less than amused.  He wants to play Xbox and usually this time of day the answer is no, but today’s his day so what the heck.  Play your heart out!  And he did all day! I know how I’m a terrible parent. Video games are bad … blah blah blah!

Then the most miraculous thing happened! My mom came to pick up my niece And took all 3 of my kids for the whole night! Woot!
Except what do I do now? No kids? No Roo?

I spent some time relaxing, it was awkward.  Then I thought I’d clean Sissy’s room. Mission accomplished! Then the hall bath. Then the Hall. Then Roo’s room. And now I’m stressing that I didn’t get his stuff in the right spot.
I should have taken pictures with my phone. Why didn’t I? He’ll get home tomorrow and all hell will break loose.  Maybe he won’t notice. Ha! Ha! I crack myself up. He will notice! And we will go through the process of putting it back where it goes. I should have taken pictures.


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