Room Shuffle

Last week I posted on my anxiety over cleaning my boys room and not getting everything exactly so.  I made a lot of drama out of nothing, because I either put everything correctly or he didn’t notice … either way all was good for the moment.

My oldest and Roo are 7 years apart. My two youngest (Roo and Sissy) are 11 months and 3 weeks to the day apart. J has almost always had his own room and his own space.  Roo and Sissy have shared a room with each other since Sissy was born. 
Three years ago we moved out to the farm and everyone had their own room.  You wouldn’t have known it though, because the two little ones were always in my bed.  It got to the point that between the Shermie dog and the kids, my husband slept in Roo’s room.  We finally got them broke of that, it was daunting and took forever. Lots of night with no sleep, as we kept returning little ones to their respective rooms, over and over and over.

At the time we had a 3 bedroom house with an office and a finished attic space.  My brother lived in the attic, J got the office and the rest got a bedroom.  When my brother moved out, J moved upstairs and the office became my sewing room. YAY! But, with J’s asthma and the chimney coming up thru the middle of the attic room, he had to come back down stairs.  And I wasn’t about to give up my sewing room! I did the silliest most selfish thing I could have done.  I moved my artistic unorganized hormone engulfed preteen into Roo’s room.  Their both boy’s, they’ll be fine. 
That was Christmas.  It was not fine!  The battle raged.  Roo has a place for everything and everything had a place. J is more of a free spirit who wants to go where the wind may take him.  The battle of the wills began. Fighting constantly over what belonged to who, who could be in there when, hindsight being 20/20; it was quite possibly the catalyst for Roo’s downward spiral at school.Roo couldn’t handle the chaos that ensued and J i truly believe is incapable of structure. 
The breaking point was last weekend. I scrubbed every inch of their room, it kind of had that dirty locker room smell, it was permeating out into the hall.  I moved every bit of furniture and scrubbed every nook and cranny.  Boys, especially teenage boys, are gross!!! Then after all of that, I walked in to wake them up Monday morning and it looked like a tornado had touched down inside their room.  I was livid, and Roo was a heaping mess on his bed.  He didn’t do it, it was that brother!!!!  As I surveyed the mess, I realized that 90% of it was J’s stuff.  That was it, he had to get out of that room!
So this weekend I swapped three rooms of stuff!  My sewing room is now in the attic.  The remnants of J’s things that were in the attic and his belongs that were in Roo’s room are now in the office, and Roo has his own space.  I set up each room and even made a “tent” for Roo’s  bed.   I let Roo decide where everything should go in his new space and he was more than tickled. 
I am exhausted, but I think this latest change with be a win win for all involved.  Both boys will have their space and I won’t have to kill either one of them anytime soon. Roo will still have company, as his Shermie dog and his Sissy will still sleep with him.  Inseparable those three are, I have tried will no avail to keep Sissy out of Roo’s room. That is a battle I will put of till another day, they both want each other to be there.


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