A New School Year!

There are lots of changes coming down the pike, most of them driven by the fact that school is about four weeks away.  We need supplies, clothes, routines and most importantly preparation.

Wednesday we drove past the new school. Unfortunately, the major overhaul they scheduled this summer is still going on and it upset Roo.  There are a lot of new changes for him, where we live there are four schools (K-2, 3-5, 6-8 & HS).  This year Roo gets to move to a new school; that means new building, new teachers, new principle, new toilets, new hallways, new rules, new playground, new lunchroom … you get my drift.  And, now there is uncertainty in his mind that there will even be a school, as it is still in the remodel process.  The school will be ready, I know it will.  This year he and Sissy will be in different schools.  They will get off the bus at different times and get picked up at different times. There’s a lot to adjust to.

The supplies and clothes are being put on hold till the first weekend in August, its tax free weekend (Woo Hoo!!!) The routines are being hammered out, I want to start them next week so they are old news when school starts (we will see), and we are starting the preparation phase:

Phase 1: Take your kid by his new school and completely freak him out because you are too stupid to drive by and check it yourself and now he thinks it’s broken and he doesn’t have one.  CHECK

Phase 2:  Hammer out Morning, Afternoon and Evening Routines and implement at least three weeks prior to school starting.

Phase 3: Write letter to teacher introducing your amazing little man and all his awesomeness and my contact info just in case she can’t handle all the awesomeness that is my Roo.

Phase 4: Get supplies and let him touch, smell and lick prior to school starting.

Phase 5: Tour the school, several times to get familiar with faces and places.

There is lots to be done, as soon as I get Schedules worked out I will post them and you can tell me what you think.  I will also do a post on the letter for his teacher.  I am open to any and all suggestions. 

What do you do to get you kiddo ready for school?  I really want to know 😉


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