He cries for a man he never met…

ImageImageHe saw on the news this morning that it was Veteran’s Day and he sobbed, wailed uncontrollably.  His small frame writihing with grief and pain.  He cried out for a man of integrity, a man who fought valiantly for the cause of freedom, a man who gave up a spot at OCS so that a young boy would not go in his place, a man who fought not for the powers that be but for freedom and his own little family, a man who never met his youngest son, a man who was not only a soldier but a son, husband, father, brother…

From the depths of his gut comes a moan that is full of grief and agnst…I miss my Uncle Jesse!!!  He grieves for a man he never knew!  His Uncle PFC Jesse A. Givens was KIA in Iraq in 2003.  Roo wasn’t born till two years later, and yet from time to time he grieves for him like he was his best friend.  The qualities of his Uncle that he grieves for are genuine but how he knows them I have no idea.

Jesse is a well known casualty of war, he was the first soldier to be killed after the President declared the end of major combat in Iraq.  His last letter home was featured on an HBO special, Montel and Oprah.  There was even a orchestra that rewrote it and created an amazing symphony based on his letter.  It is emotional and touching.  The nation has morned the passing of a great soldier.

We mourn more deeply… He was so much more than a soldier.  He was a son, the second of five brothers, a devoted husband and the father of two amazing young boys; one of which was born 28 days after his dad’s passing.  He was artistic and funny. He loved to experience to joy in life and yet didn’t take crap from anyone.  He is missed daily. He is our hero!






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