BREAKING NEWS….8 yr old Missouri boy is cured!!!!

DISCLAIMER:  Before you go all postal on me.  I am not a “cure” person.  I do not believe that autism can or should be cured.  It’s just that a little sarcasm does the psyche good and I don’t look good in jail house orange.


An 8 yr old Missouri boy has been cured of Autism. Per his case manager, who by all reports has lost his damn mind, the boy who presented several years ago with symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome and has now been miraculously cured. 

It was in Kindergarten that the boy first received an Asperger’s diagnosis.  After discussing some of his unique behaviours with his parents, his Kindergarten teacher strongly urged his parents to seek independent diagnosis from outside the school system.  His parents did that and after going thru the diagnosis process it was determined by an outside source that the boy did in fact have Asperger’s Syndrome.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Asperger’s Syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. Children with Asperger’s Syndrome typically exhibit social awkwardness and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics.  Doctors group Asperger’s Syndrome with other conditions that are called autistic spectrum disorders or pervasive developmental disorders. These disorders all involve problems with social skills and communication. Asperger’s Syndrome is generally thought to be at the milder end of this spectrum. While there’s no cure for Asperger’s Syndrome, if your child has the condition treatment can help him or her learn how to interact more successfully in social situations.

After fact checking with several agencies that specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorder’s we are baffled at the turn of events that have unfolded here.  It’s nothing short of a miracle. 


It seems folks we have been misinformed.  The boy thought to have been cured of Autism, still in fact has Autism.  His new official diagnosis is PPD-NOS, which is in fact an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We tried to follow-up with the case manager who originally reported about the cure but he has no comment.  No comment probably because he knows that he was wrong and all he had to do was check Google to determine his statement made him look like a complete asshat!


**I think I need to follow this sarcasm with a short disclaimer that his case manager up until that very moment has been an absolute gem and has been instrumental in the leaps and bounds my boy has made in the last year.  I don’t know if he was having a rough day or if in fact he didn’t know that what he was saying was completely ignorant, but we love him dearly and can’t thank him enough for the skills he has helped teach our boy. **


Change is Hard.

This story starts back in October.  We were at our first and last IEP meeting, it went well, they decided that he was too high functioning to qualify for an IEP and that they needed to do further testing to prove that he was just fine.  It was after this meeting that we were informed that our case manager would be taking a promotion and Roo would be getting a new one, or we could opt to go intensive and keep Nathan.  Roo loves Nathan and has grown leaps and bounds with him so we opted to go intensive.  Unfortunately, that only bought us 90 days and we knew it. 

Then jump ahead to last week we are informed by Roo’s therapist that she is taking a promotion and we will be getting a new therapist.  Our new therapist starts Jan 6th, our new case manager starts Jan 10th.  Let’s just say therapy did not go well last week, Roo was pissy and fidgety.  Everytime she asked him a question he would stare for a while and then say you do it.  He was quiet the whole way home.   The rest of the week was tough for him, he has been on edge and balancing that thin line between aggravation and meltdown all week.  Change is hard for my kiddo, and honestly his bubble is nearly impossible to enter.  There are a few who make the cut, Nathan and Dena were two of the few who were instantly given access.  My boy is hurting and scared.  Hurting and scared translates into angry and aggressive in our world. Thankfully, he is at a point where redirection has worked. 

Fast forward a few weeks… School will be letting out for Christmas break soon and will be out for two weeks.  No matter how structured and routine we try to make that time the transition back to class is difficult for him.  It is after this break that we see Roo’s worst behaviours.  I am worried that trying to navigate this change without Nathan and Dena is going to throw him over the edge.  He will have his first session with the new therapist the day school starts back.  Will he talk to her?  Will it make his anxiety worse?  Is the bottom going to fall out?  Will all the work we have done over the last year fall apart or prevail?  Will he use the new tools he has learned to overcome his anxiety? 

My prayer is yes he will prevail. He will get anxious and scared but he will recognize it and use his coping strategies.  There will be the phone call at the end of the day to say he executed the day like a champ.  



So its been awhile…

Just realized it’s been awhile since I posted.  Life just happens and we get caught up and then FB starts acting wierd and I just haven’t had the gumption to mess with it.  So there’s all of that 🙂

So, here’s an update on our little corner of the universe…

School… we are having the BEST school year ever!!!!!!  He has had ZERO (0) meltdowns at school! Praise God!  It has lot to do with an amazing teacher and support staff, his amazing behavioral therapist and case manager, being accepted into the gifted program and actually being challenged in school, and a tremendous amount of prayer!  Just got his mid term grade card, all A’s.  How on earth do you get 118%?  This kid’s mind is a beautiful thing. 

Sibling’s … so we are actually getting along!  Roo has found his voice and is so much better at communicating with them.  It has made a huge difference and the fighting is so much more like normal sibiling stuff.

Holiday’s … yeah so we are hanging in there.  As long as there is no decorations (other than the tree), no colored or blinking lights anywhere and a hole he can hide in when the world is all too much … I think we will be ok.