Change is Hard.

This story starts back in October.  We were at our first and last IEP meeting, it went well, they decided that he was too high functioning to qualify for an IEP and that they needed to do further testing to prove that he was just fine.  It was after this meeting that we were informed that our case manager would be taking a promotion and Roo would be getting a new one, or we could opt to go intensive and keep Nathan.  Roo loves Nathan and has grown leaps and bounds with him so we opted to go intensive.  Unfortunately, that only bought us 90 days and we knew it. 

Then jump ahead to last week we are informed by Roo’s therapist that she is taking a promotion and we will be getting a new therapist.  Our new therapist starts Jan 6th, our new case manager starts Jan 10th.  Let’s just say therapy did not go well last week, Roo was pissy and fidgety.  Everytime she asked him a question he would stare for a while and then say you do it.  He was quiet the whole way home.   The rest of the week was tough for him, he has been on edge and balancing that thin line between aggravation and meltdown all week.  Change is hard for my kiddo, and honestly his bubble is nearly impossible to enter.  There are a few who make the cut, Nathan and Dena were two of the few who were instantly given access.  My boy is hurting and scared.  Hurting and scared translates into angry and aggressive in our world. Thankfully, he is at a point where redirection has worked. 

Fast forward a few weeks… School will be letting out for Christmas break soon and will be out for two weeks.  No matter how structured and routine we try to make that time the transition back to class is difficult for him.  It is after this break that we see Roo’s worst behaviours.  I am worried that trying to navigate this change without Nathan and Dena is going to throw him over the edge.  He will have his first session with the new therapist the day school starts back.  Will he talk to her?  Will it make his anxiety worse?  Is the bottom going to fall out?  Will all the work we have done over the last year fall apart or prevail?  Will he use the new tools he has learned to overcome his anxiety? 

My prayer is yes he will prevail. He will get anxious and scared but he will recognize it and use his coping strategies.  There will be the phone call at the end of the day to say he executed the day like a champ.  




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