All the others.

I know its been a while…life that’s all I can say.

I did a post a while back about how we were battling the wrong “A” word.  It was a life changing moment for us, realizing that he wasn’t a tiny little ball of anger, but a tiny little ball of anxiety.

Honestly, he’s had a phenomenal school year.  Up till yesterday, I had only been called to the school once and they had it under control by the time I got there.  We have set up a 504, we have precautions in place.  He has an amazing teacher and sped. teacher, who are more than willing to try to figure him out.  They put him in the gifted program once a week. Life has been good, not perfect, but good.

Yesterday, the star’s did not align.

We woke up late.  He is supposed to be up by 5:45.  He was up at 6:15.

He missed the bus. It comes at 6:25. Ten minutes are not enough time to get ready.

He couldn’t find his back pack.  I gave him another one.  His bag is supposed to be black, not orange.

(At this point he is pacing back and forth from his room to the front door, and then pulls out all the Xbox cases and lines them up across the living room.  Hey if it works, go for it!)

Daddy drove him to school.  He is supposed to ride the bus.

He has a sub.  No one told him, he is distraught.  There is no plan, we did not discuss it, it’s not supposed to be this way.  How dare his teachers child get sick.

The sub does not follow the plan, there’s a play practice for the whole third grade, she lines them up in a different order than they are supposed to.  The kid cracks.

Nothing went his way at all, yesterday.  Anxiety creeps in and he can’t function.  The uncertainty of what will happen next bowls him over like a tidal wave.  I try to talk to the sub, explain how his mind works, she says all the others are handling it just fine.  But, he’s not all the others!  He is Roo!

Roo needs routine.  He needs structure.  He needs the security of knowing what comes next, because reading happens at the same time every day and its followed by math everyday.  He needs consistency.  He needs noise control in the room.  He needs you to stop asking him the question repeatedly, to give him time to process and answer.  And when all that fails, he needs to know that you are in control and that he is going to be OK.  He needs to trust you for that to happen.  And, I’m sorry Ms. Sub but he does not trust you because he does not know you and that means that the chaos that ensues from your style of teaching is going to throw him over the edge.  If you choose not to follow the directions of his 504 that is on you.  If no one told you that he has a 504, then I’m sorry.  I hope your day is better tomorrow.




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